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Smart camera Zebra V70

Smart camera Zebra V70

Zebra VS70 is a versatile, compact Machine Vision Smart Sensor that seamlessly integrates into networks, bringing significant advancements to quality inspections and automation across industries.

Easily integrate into your network for quality inspections, automation, and tracking. Achieve leaner operations, fewer defects, and lower costs. Zebra Aurora software simplifies setup and deployment. Features like Auto-Tune, Zebra Savanna IoT integration, PoE, and QuickDraw enhance efficiency. Rugged design, I/O ports, and Aurora HMI dashboard offer flexibility. Modular architecture allows for future feature additions. PRZM Intelligent Imaging ensures reliable barcode capture. Rapidly troubleshoot with Golden Image Compare.


The VS70 is loaded with class-leading features, including:

  • The ultimate in customization - Supports any external C-mount lens and any external lighting. Ideal for complex application, environmental and installation requirements where wide-angle, zoom or other special lensing is needed.
  • ImagePerfect+ - Eliminate bypassed inspections and false rejects with perfect images. In one trigger event, capture up to 16 different images, each with its own unique setting for focus, exposure gain, illumination control and more.
  • Golden Image Compare - Rapid troubleshooting for failed image capture. Compare any image to a golden ‘perfect’ image created at setup to immediately locate the source of the image degradation—such as a dirty lens, lighting issue or misalignment of the camera.
  • Software Upgradeable - Add what you need, whenever you need it. Add support for new barcode symbologies, faster barcode capture and all the machine vision tools you need through simple software licensing.
  • USB-C - Limitless expansion options. Easily connect all the peripherals you need—from a printer or tablet to an external drive and more.
  • PoE - Power it all over Ethernet. Power the VS70 right over your Ethernet cable—no more costly power drops and no more power supplies to purchase and manage.

Easily integrate machine vision into your network

From the factory floor to the control room, manufacturers are under intense pressure to meet increasing business demands. Every day, production lines strive to achieve consistent product quality and throughput quotas. Success requires a reliable and dependable process at every stage of production—a process that increases automation, reduces defects and validates assembly and tracking information.

Now, manufacturers can address it all with the Zebra VS70 Machine Vision Smart Camera1. The customizable VS70 is built to enable machine vision in the most complex processes and challenging environments. Whether you need a wide angle lens to capture large parts, a zoom lens to inspect a distant component or a specialized lens for precise measurements, the VS70 can do it all. Use any standard C-mount external lens to achieve the range, depth of field and field of view your application and environment require. And compatibility with virtually any external lighting solution ensures the capture of highly accurate and detailed images, even in low-contrast, curved and reflective areas.

The VS70 brings a new level of simplicity to your machine vision solutions. It all starts with Zebra Aurora—a powerful and intuitive software platform that makes it exceptionally easy to set up, deploy and run Zebra’s entire portfolio of Machine Vision Smart Cameras and Fixed Industrial Scanners. Zebra-exclusive features such as ImagePerfect reduce steps, training and management time and cost, as well as the need for external peripherals. And since you can add advanced tools at any time with a simple software license upgrade, the device you buy today can support new needs tomorrow.

Easy to Set Up

Automatic Setup With Auto-Tune. Just Auto-Tune and run for consistent, reliable inspections—right out of the box. With the press of one button, Auto-Tune dials in the perfect image for faster and more accurate set up.

IoT Ready With Zebra Savanna™. The IoT-ready VS70 can send images to Zebra’s subscription-based cloud service, Zebra Savanna — or any other cloud service—allowing you to meet industry regulations or store images for further analysis, all without the need to purchase and manage servers.

Power it All Over Ethernet. Reduce setup complexity and cost with support for Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). This standard feature powers the VS70 and attached accessories right over the network, eliminating the cost of power drops and power supplies. Don’t have a PoE infrastructure? No problem. You can also power the VS70 with a standard 24V DC power supply or even a standard USB-C port.

Limitless Expansion Options With USB-C. Ready for a new level of flexibility? USB-C allows you to power your camera with a single cable and provides limitless accessory options. Seamlessly integrate with other Zebra devices such as a printer or tablet. You can also backup your system or save images for future analysis by connecting external storage devices to the VS70.

Create Tools Faster With QuickDraw. Simply draw right on an image to create a tool in fewer steps than most competitive systems require.

Locate the Right Part Successfully—Every Time. Zebra takes a new approach to the creation of two key error-proofing tools—Object Locate and Pattern Matching. Zebra’s optimized algorithms and carefully crafted default settings enable users to dependably create successful tools with fewer clicks, less trial and error, and less deployment time and effort.

Easy to Deploy

Address Complex Requirements With Your Choice of Lens and Lighting. The VS70 supports any external C-mount lens and any external lighting solution—ideal when you need a specialty lens and lighting to meet complicated application, environmental and installation requirements. From a wide angle lens to capture a barcode on large parts to a high-powered lens to capture a tiny barcode at a distance, the VS70 provides the complete flexibility you need to address it all.

Programmable Input/Output (I/O) Ports. Get the ultimate in I/O flexibility. Four digital I/O ports can be individually controlled to expand application functionality and improve error-proofing. Support additional peripherals, activate lights, or trigger an action to more fully automate your processes.

Ultra-Rugged and Ready for Industrial Spaces. Rely on dependable operation in the most demanding environments with an ultra-rugged design. The aluminum housing is chemical and oil resistant. IP65 and IP67 sealing ratings make the device dust tight and able to withstand high-power wash downs—or even total immersion in water.

Operator Feedback/Status Indicators. With 360° LED lights, your operators can instantly see image and camera status. Workers can see at a glance if image capture was successful or unsuccessful—protecting product quality and traceability. Five built-in camera status LEDs— Power, Online/Run, Focus Warning, Error and Ethernet Status—make it easy to verify whether cameras are fully operational or in need of attention. In addition, a beeper with adjustable volume provides an audible cue of successful capture, so workers can keep their eyes on the job—instead of the device.

Added Flexibility With the Zebra Aurora HMI dashboard. Give workers actionable intelligence right where they need it—at their station. Operators can see and interact with the Zebra Aurora Human Machine Interface (HMI) dashboard via any web browser or by directly connecting a monitor to the VS70. The need to install a PC at every workstation is eliminated, reducing hardware requirements and installation costs.

Simple, Easy And Fast Integration With Your Network Infrastructure. Built-in Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and other network protocols enable painless integration with any common PLC or host system. Network architecture is simplified and deployment time and cost are reduced.

Easy to Run

Eliminate Bypassed Inspections and False Rejects With ImagePerfect. Uneven lighting and the need to read images at various distances can require additional cameras, external lights or complex custom code—additions that can substantially increase the total cost of ownership. Address it all with a groundbreaking new feature—ImagePerfect. This Zebra-exclusive feature captures up to three different images of a single item, each with its own unique setting for focus, exposure, gain, illumination control and more. The result? High quality images that enable high read rates. A significant reduction in solution complexity. And a lower total cost of ownership.

Get the Features You Need Today — and Add the Features You Need Tomorrow. The modular architecture lets you select the Machine Vision (MV) toolset you need now, and add new functionality any time in the future. Just purchase licenses to upgrade to more advanced MV tools, allowing you to meet tomorrow’s needs with the products you have today.

First-Time Every-Time Barcode Capture. Need to capture barcodes? Superior optics and Zebra’s exclusive PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology work together to deliver the reliable data capture you need to keep your operations running at peak capacity. The optical system enables the simultaneous capture of multiple barcodes, extends read ranges and focal distances and allows a larger field of view to capture more information with less equipment. And PRZM Intelligent Imaging delivers first-time capture of virtually any 1D, 2D and DPM barcode on any surface, in practically any condition.

Rapid Troubleshooting With Golden Image Compare. If any image capture or barcode reads fail, this Zebra- only tool allows you to quickly identify and resolve the issue by comparing any image to a golden ‘perfect’ image created at setup. Minimize downtime by immediately diagnosing and rapidly correcting the source of any degradation—from a dirty lens or a lighting problem to misalignment of the camera.

Complete Support Service—Everything’s Covered. Get the constant peak performance and device uptime today’s businesses demand with Zebra OneCare™ Essential and Select Support Services. Unexpected disruptions and unbudgeted repair expenses are eliminated. Everything is covered— including normal wear and tear and accidental damage. You can customize your support plan with numerous options to get the service level your business needs, including next-day delivery of a replacement device, on-site support, cloud-based visibility into your contracts, repair data, tech support cases—and more.

Technical specification

Device Characteristics
Dimensions 2.5 in. H x 3.75 in. D x 2.5 in. W; 63.0 mm H x 95.0 mm D x 65.0 mm W
Weight 22.9 oz./650.0 g
Power External power supply: 10-30 VDC, 1.5 A max @ 24 VDC (36 W max); PoE+ supply: Class 4, 25.5 W max; PoE supply: Class 3, 13 W max; USB-C host: 5 VDC, 3 A max (15 W max)
Configurable IO Four opto-isolated GPIO: GPIO0,1,2,3; Five non-isolated GPIO: GPIO4,5,6*,7*,8*;
*Unavailable when External Light Mode is enabled
Color and Material Industrial green aluminum housing
Interface Ports Two M12 X-Coded 1000/100/10 Mbps Ethernet*; One M12 12-pin Power/GPIO/RS-232; One M12 5-pin External Light Power and Control/GPIO; One USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Type-C with DisplayPort Alt Mode;
*Available with one or two Ethernet ports; PoE is only supported by the primary Ethernet port
Ethernet/IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, TCP/IP, RS-232
Keyboard Support Supports over 90 international keyboards
User Indicators 360 Degree Decode/Job Status LEDs, Power LED, Online/Run LED, Focus Warning LED, Error LED, Ethernet Status LED; Beeper
Performance Characteristics
Image Sensor 2.3MP: 1/2.3 inch CMOS, global shutter; 1920 x 1200 3.0 um square pixels; Monochrome
5.1MP: 1/2.5 inch CMOS, rolling shutter; 2592 x 1952 2.2 um square pixels; Monochrome
Acquisition Rate 2.3MP: Up to 60 frames/second
5.1MP: Up to 30 frames/second
Illumination Supports many standard external illumination systems while powered by 24VDC supply
Imager Field of View Flexible; dependent upon C-mount lens selection
User Environment
Operating Temp. 32° F to 113° F/0° C to 45° C (10-30VDC external power supply, duty cycle-dependent); 32° F to 113° F/0° C to 40° C (PoE, duty cycle-dependent)
Storage Temp. -40° F to 158° F/-40° C to 70° C
Environmental Sealing IP65 and IP67
Humidity 5% to 90% RH, non-condensing
Shock Resistance EN 60068-2-27, 30 g; 11 ms; 3 shocks on each axis
Vibration Resistance EN 60068-2-6, 14 mm @ 2 to 10 Hz, 1.5 mm at 13 to 55 Hz; 2 g at 70 to 500 Hz; 2 hours on each axis
Supported Symbologies
1D Codabar, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, I 2 of 5, MSI Plessey, UPC/EAN
2D Aztec, Data Matrix, DotCode, MaxiCode, PDF417, Micro PDF417, QR Code, Micro QR
OCR WITH Deep Learning-based OCR via an add-on license. Supports Latin Letters (A-Z, a-z, digits or one of: !#$%&()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~”’\€£¥)
Management Zebra Aurora
Decoder Packages Included in Standard and Advanced Machine Vision toolsets: 1D/2D Standard (5 FPS); 1D/2D; Fast (60 FPS); 1D/2D DPM Full (60 FPS)
Machine Vision (MV)
Sensor, Standard, Advanced (Available via a software license)
Environmental EN 50581:2012; EN IE C 63000:2018
Electrical Safety IEC 62368-1 (Ed.2); EN 62368-1:2014/A11:2017
LED Safety IEC 62471:2006 (Ed.1); EN 62471:2008
EMI/EMS EN 55032:2015/A11:2020 (Class A); EN 55035:2017; EN 61000-3-2:2014 (Class A); EN 61000-3-3:2013; 47 CFR Part 15, Subpart B, Class A; ICES-003, Issue 7, Class A
EU Declaration of
2014/30/EU; 2014/35/EU; 2011/65/EU. For more information visit: www.zebra.com/doc
Accessories C-Mount lenses, C-mount filters, lens covers, external illumination, brackets, cables, power supplies
Warranty Subject to the terms of Zebra’s hardware warranty statement, the VS70 is warranted against defects in workmanship and materials for a period of Two (2) Years from the date of shipment. Complete Zebra hardware product warranty statement: www.zebra.com/warranty
Recommended Services Zebra OneCare Select™; Zebra OneCare Essential™


vs70.pdf - English datasheet


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