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  • Boost your acquisition speed using Matrox Rapixo CXP
  • Introducing The World's First 22GigE Industrial Cameras
  • Deploy your trained Neural Network directly onto the Flir FireFly camera
  • New Lucid Triton™ HDR Camera Featuring AltaView™ On-Camera Adaptive Tone Mapping
  • MobiPC - New WWW service dedicated to mobile industrial PCs
  • New Matrox Design Assistant X
  • CRI mobiPC EMI - The smallest mobile industrial PC

Technical support






Technical support

CRI JOLANTA provides to its customers the technical knowledge that is necessary to plan, solve, integrate and implement a complete application solution. Our experts can help in choosing the best technical solution and the most cost-effective solution for the application specified by the customer, supporting it throughout the development of the application, as well as after its implementation (both hardware and programming).

CRI JOLANTA provides technical support for all products sold. The main goal pursued by technical support is to solve technical problems that arise during use of these products and during development of applications with these products (from concept to completion and use).

As part of technical support:

  • we install and configure hardware and software on-site,
  • we conduct trainings in the use of hardware and software,
  • we provide technical advices,
  • we provide warranty and post-warranty service for hardware and software,
  • we conclude contracts for extended service support enabling on-site repairs and shortening the response time and the device repair time.
  • we provide the latest software versions (as part of the current customer's technical support and maintenance), device drivers, patches for software, user manuals, etc.,
  • we also offer a number of additional services.


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