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  • Boost your acquisition speed using Matrox Rapixo CXP
  • Introducing The World's First 22GigE Industrial Cameras
  • Deploy your trained Neural Network directly onto the Flir FireFly camera
  • New Lucid Triton™ HDR Camera Featuring AltaView™ On-Camera Adaptive Tone Mapping
  • MobiPC - New WWW service dedicated to mobile industrial PCs
  • New Matrox Design Assistant X
  • CRI mobiPC EMI - The smallest mobile industrial PC





Service offer

CRI JOLANTA provides to its customers the technical knowledge that is necessary to plan, solve, integrate and implement a complete application solution. Our experts can help in choosing the best technical solution and the most cost-effective solution for the application specified by the customer, supporting it throughout the development of the application, as well as after its implementation (both hardware and programming).

An important factor that influences the success of any project is a knowledge and experience of its participants. It is necessary to keep pace with technical innovations, new solutions and new products. Therefore, for users who want to improve their qualifications, our company organizes a number of trainings and seminars. Our company specializes mainly in training in the field of industrial vision systems, in the field of computer data acquisition systems and in the field of advanced programming techniques. Training can be tailored to the individual needs and requirements of users.

User applications often require the creation of specialized software. Our company carries out such tasks in the field of industrial and medical vision systems, industrial and medical measurement systems, as well as in the field of computer graphics and databases.

As a part of software development, we offer a comprehensive service including:

  • Preparation of the ideas and main assumptions of the software basing on general information provided by the customer.
  • Creation of a logical project of the software.
  • Development of a detailed technical project of software including a form and technology of implementation, a detailed description of the user interface, a description of modules, functions, templates, printouts and other features.
  • Creation of individual software modules according to the agreed schedule.
  • Testing of functionality, reliability and stability of the software.
  • Preparation of a full technical documentation and user's manual.
  • Software implementation.
  • Training users in the use of software.
  • Monitoring and servicing already implemented software.
  • Modernization and customization of the software to the new requirements and needs of the customer.


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