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  Sunday, 14 July 2024 - 07:27:52 - EST

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New Triton2 EVS – 2.5GigE Event-Based Camera

2024-07-03 14:08:43

Introducing the Triton®2 EVS camera, featuring the Sony IMX636 and IMX637 event-based vision sensors, made possible by combining Sony's CMOS image sensor technology with PROPHESEE's unique event-based Metavision® sensing technologies.

Event-Based Sensor Characteristics:

Lucid Triton2 EVS

EVS sensors use event-based pixels that continuously sample incoming light instead of taking frames. This enables shutter-free, high-performance, and flexible solutions for machine vision applications, capable of detecting hyper-fast and fleeting moving objects, even in extreme lighting conditions. The Triton2 EVS is compatible with both LUCID's Arena® SDK and PROPHESEE's Metavision® SDK.

Example Applications from PROPHESEE Metavision® SDK:

Lucid Triton2 EVS

Watch Video! Learn More About the New Triton2 EVS Camera

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